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How well do your employees understand your security system? If you’ve provided them with a slideshow and free coffee, you might think they understand it well enough to get by. But employee awareness is a crucial factor in a successful security system, and many organisations are failing to educate correctly. For threatening parties, it’s easier to trick a person than it is to break into a computer system.

Make employees an asset to your cybersecurity with managed security awareness training.


Why is Managed Security Awareness training important?

Services such as gap analysis and compliance might be crucial to healthy cybersecurity, but they can overlook a flaw in your system: employee awareness. All the high-tech security in the world won’t matter if an employee unwittingly hands over the key. 

Managed security awareness training ensures your employees are at the front line of your security system. The program has been developed to mitigate user risk by teaching employees how to recognise threats and scams and stay alert to security breaches.

During our penetration testing, we often identify employee response as a key area for security concerns. The vulnerable human element can be exploited by hackers, unless you get in first. Teach your employees correct cyber hygiene with managed security awareness training, before it’s too late.


How can our security awareness training help?

The managed security awareness training is a system targeted towards your employees. We can adapt the training to better suit your employee culture, with a tailored message for higher engagement. The training follows five key steps:

Development and implementation process.

Fast and accurate reporting can catch phishing emails before they find a target. We work with you to develop a reporting system that’s simple to use, and can be self-managed. Prefer a hands-off approach? Purchase the add-on managed phishing reporting Button, and direct your emails to us. 

Establishing a behavioural baseline.

By implementing controlled social engineering attacks, we can assess the percentage of your users that respond to phishing and other scams, to develop an overview of the workplace.

Implementing security initiatives.

With an understanding of the employee culture, we provide access to the world’s largest library of security awareness training content. Choose from interactive modules, gaming, videos, posters, and newsletters. Automated training campaigns keep awareness levels high.

Secure behaviour through testing

Put the training to the test with best-in-class, fully automated social engineering attacks. Thousands of templates can successfully simulate phishing, vishing, and smishing, monitoring employee response.

Reporting results

See the results of the training with enterprise-strength reporting. High-level and granular stats and graphs are available for management reports, and we even provide a personal timeline for each user. 

Managed security awareness for employee response

Exploiting human error is how many attackers can navigate their way through even an expert cybersecurity system. 

Managed security awareness training engages employees, making them an active rather than passive part of the security system. Are your employees prepared for cyberattacks? Talk to us to find out.

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