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These risks can range from security misconfigurations to sensitive data exposure, putting your business at risk from all angles. 

Luckily, however, cybersecurity experts like us are working around the clock to combat these vulnerabilities and defend against cyberattacks. 

Mobile application testing 

As it stands, a top priority for modern businesses should be staying secure in an agile world. And one of the best ways to do this is by subjecting all their software to thorough and regular penetration testing

As part of the wider penetration testing process, mobile application testing hones in on the functionality of mobile apps to assess how secure they are against the attempts of cybercriminals.

Mobile applications are becoming central to many organisations with development accelerating at an impressive rate. As a result of such competitive pressure in this area, the security of these applications often falls by the wayside as a priority. However, this neglect leaves systems open to the advances of cybercriminals.

Why is mobile application testing important?

If these vulnerabilities are exploited by cybercriminals — or even disgruntled, malicious users on the inside — it can have serious implications for an organisation. 

Reputation-wise, encountering a data breach or a cyberattack can taint your trustworthiness as a business in the eyes of consumers. Customers may withdraw their business with you if they fear you are unable to guarantee their data is safe. What’s more, there can also be severe financial costs should a data breach occur, costing your business thousands that could be better used elsewhere. 

With mobile application testing, alongside a whole suite of other penetration testing services, you can identify the weaknesses and fix them before malicious agents get a chance to do harm.

Our mobile application testing services

As experienced cybersecurity experts, we can help you protect your systems from infiltration. Whether you’ve recently adopted new technologies or are reviewing the security of your existing mobile applications, we can work with you to put your mind at ease and ensure complete security.

No matter the operating system or the technology that keeps your applications running, our testing methodology will locate and help you to close every single gap within your mobile applications.

What is monitored in the mobile application testing process?

There are a number of different things tested during this process and we’re as rigorous as possible to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Native, mobile web, and hybrid applications can all be tested by us. And, we can test all operating systems — from iOS to Android. 

We are able to utilise the very same methods and tools that are used by hackers and malicious users to simulate an attack on your mobile applications with accuracy.  But don’t worry, each test is carried out in line with the OWASP Top 10 framework and with the utmost caution. 

Tailoring our testing to your systems, we’ll search for security weaknesses including (but not limited to) those identified by the OWASP Mobile Security Project.

If your mobile applications happen to connect to a server via an Application Programmatic Interface (API), we will test the following features:

  • Session management
  • Your authentication mechanism
  • All of the access controls
  • Encryption protocols
How can mobile application testing help your business?

Whether you provide customers with mobile applications for their use or you use them internally to streamline business processes, transferring, processing and storing data is unmistakably mobile-led. 

If your business utilises mobile applications, you are responsible for the safety of any data that passes through them, especially if it’s your customers’ data. In order to reduce the risk of data breaches, and enhance the credibility of your organisation as a trustworthy agent, test your applications regularly. 

Why choose us for mobile application testing?

To put it simply, more and more businesses are beginning to use mobile applications in their daily operations. As a result, they grow increasingly interesting to attackers. Therefore, mobile applications need to have a good level of security.

Start testing today 

If your business could benefit from a series of mobile application testing from us, get in touch today to start the process. 

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