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The move to the online world has completely revolutionised our understanding of data protection. Information we once considered to be safely stored is now vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals and opportunists. A failure to keep up won’t just result in red faces all round — it can mean hefty financial fines, ruined reputations, and even loss of business.

To keep your organisation on the right side of regulations, you need a robust security system. More than that, you need someone who understands cybersecurity to ensure correct function and compliance. What good is a security system if no one checks that it’s working?

What are virtual data protection officers & why are they helpful?

How often do you assess your security defences? An effective cybersecurity system isn’t something that can be set and left. It needs to be monitored and tested, to ensure that the framework is still adept at reducing risk. Cybercrime is an ever-changing market. Even the most advanced security system will become vulnerable if it remains static.

A virtual data protection officer (or DPO) is the person who ensures this doesn’t happen. A DPO will assess and reassess the IT and legal frameworks and advise on risk management to ensure an organisation is correctly guarding data. The DPO should be highly trained in data protection, to recognise issues before they become problems. With a DPO, you don’t just trust that cybersecurity is doing its job — you know it is. 

A data protection officer isn’t just helpful. In many cases, it’s a legal requirement. To comply with GDPR, you may need to hire a DPO to monitor your risk management and regulatory frameworks. But with our help, this can be made easy.

Our virtual data protection officer services

Hiring a full-time data protection officer is not a feasible expense for all businesses. With our services, however, you can comply with the law, keep your data safe from security breaches, and navigate the need for an in-house data protection officer.

Our security implements correct data protection practices from inception. Our security solutions are designed for compliance, with business owners onboard for every step of the way. With our advanced penetration testing service, we can identify any weaknesses in your framework, and provide actionable technical remediation advice.

Your DPO will perform gap analysis services and process monitoring to ensure your security is compliant with GDPR. Above all else, we’ll make sure that it’s working. Operating for set days during each month, our DPOs negate the need for hiring and training a full-time member of staff.

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We care about every detail of your security. From identifying social engineering weaknesses to designing secure programmes, and ensuring implementation.

And when your framework is in place, we understand that isn’t the end of the job. Contact us today and discover how we can work for you.

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