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Plenty of organisations rely on CCTV cameras to secure the perimeter of their office after-hours. But what about the virtual workspace? How can that be protected?

In order for surveillance to be effective for a business, it needs to extend beyond the real world and into the digital realm. Without regular monitoring, your network perimeter is left open to the advances of malicious individuals and software that could compromise your business. 

However, thanks to our 24/7 monitoring service, Oversight, it has never been easier to guarantee full coverage of your network.

What is Oversight

Our dedicated team of experts can proactively detect any changes that occur among your outward-facing infrastructure through Oversight, an automated vulnerability detection service. 

Using the latest technology and monitoring systems, we can easily identify any vulnerabilities that may appear in your systems. From here, we are able to advise you to take defensive action before someone attempts to take advantage of this. 

Cybercriminals act quickly and their techniques are becoming increasingly sophisticated. For this reason, time is of the essence when it comes to responding to cyber-attacks. It is wise to always be monitoring your systems so that, should your systems be compromised, measures can be put into place before too much damage occurs.


Why is Oversight important

Without consistent surveillance of your external-facing infrastructure, your business becomes more susceptible to cybercrime. 

Should a malicious agent gain access to your systems, causing a data breach to happen, the effects could be disastrous — not only financially but reputation-wise too.

Post-remediation activities and fines can be immobilising for a company trying to move forward, while damaged relationships with customers on account of data breaches are notoriously hard to repair.

What are the benefits?

With oversight, your internet-facing perimeter can enjoy continual monitoring and so much more. Just a few of the benefits of oversight include: 


  • Regular scans to detect any vulnerabilities in your systems and alert you of their status and severity. 
  • Immediate notifications are sent to your team whenever an issue is detected.
  • A review of all scan findings by CREST-qualified cybersecurity consultants to reduce any false alarms.
  • A tiered approach to the cybersecurity threats that could undermine your business, dealing with the most high-risk threats first. 
  • A lack of disruption to your business in the form of minimal downtime.
  • Proactive scanning behind the scenes while your business continues as normal.

How does Oversight scanning work?

Oversight is a highly-optimised tool that is designed to both minimise disruption to your systems and optimise your network bandwidth. Unlike other vulnerability scanners, Oversight has the benefit of contextual awareness on its side. If a certain service is exposed to the internet when it shouldn’t be, it can alert you. 

How often can Oversight Scan?

Depending on what scan is taking place, they can be conducted as often as once a day. More intense system scans will naturally occur less frequently as they are more in-depth and take far longer to conduct. 

What does Oversight scan for?

Using our tiered system, Oversight scans for high-risk vulnerabilities first and foremost. But what else does it scan for? The following faults are most commonly detected by Oversight: 


When vulnerabilities like those listed above are detected, our experienced consultants will verify the notification and then alert you via email.

Is Oversight the same as a penetration test?

Oversight is very different to a penetration test, though they both have a similar goal: to protect your systems against cybercrime. Oversight uses automated tools to identify only high-risk vulnerabilities. 

What’s more, unlike penetration testing, Oversight monitors your systems 24/7 and 365 days a year in a cost-effective manner. Oversight also focuses solely on finding high-risk, high-impact vulnerabilities whereas penetration testing shows everything. As a result of their differences, we’d still recommend getting a penetration test done at least once a year (or whenever there are infrastructure changes).

Watch our pre recorded webinar to learn more about Oversight and see how we can help you identify and address any issues before it’s too late.

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