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Your business relies on server hardware to keep running. We do so with our data centre in a military-grade nuclear bunker – where we’ve invested millions of pounds to ensure 100% uptime for your critical servers. When it comes to colocation, you need a data centre you can depend on.

Some people choose to depend on a server space in the back of an office, but a lanyard forgotten on a bus – or stolen – can be the single key that gets attackers to your hardware. And it doesn’t stop with just physical attacks – the risk profiles of standard data server storage are extensive: what if there’s a power cut in your office? What if the air conditioning fails? What if the internet’s down?

The questions of physical security aren’t answered when you lock a glass door to a room.

So don’t depend on a server space that can be taken offline due to a national power grid or localised ISP failure. Depend instead on a data centre that’s 30 metres below ground level, is covered with numerous accreditations, and has mere 10-tonne blast doors protecting it.

Glass doors are pretty, but blast doors are safe.


Ultra-Secure Colocation for 100% uptime

How much is uptime worth to your business? 

For most companies, not being able to sell through their website, run their applications, organise their workforces, or otherwise access and move data on their servers for more than a few days can prove disastrous. Even outages measured in hours can add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds lost.

But the impact isn’t strictly financial; it’s not just a graph of time against money lost. When your infrastructure is critical, downtime can quite literally be fatal for the people relying on your organisation’s services. Regardless of loss of money, a successful cyberattack can lead to long-lasting reputational damage.

Being a former-MOD base, we have a direct, unshared line to a national grid access point, a separate direct link to a regional distribution point, entire rooms of backup batteries, backup generators and priority refuelling contracts – backups for the backups. We operate on a 2N basis (that is, we’ll have at least twice what we need) in order to not only satisfy ourselves, but auditors and our clients.

We don’t just do secure colocation, we do ultra-secure colocation.

We’ve invested so heavily in our infrastructure that we’re confident enough to offer SLAs that guarantee up to 100% uptime. And don’t just take our word for it, the SLAs are supported by Auditable Assurance of our systems: ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 accredited, and PCI DSS Version 3.2 certified.

Secure all the way through

Our infrastructure helps us maintain uptime up to the point of the servers, but we also invest in keeping the servers themselves secure. From variable-security racks to bespoke security solutions where necessary.

State-of-the-art fire suppression

Many data centres will have to flood an entire room with gas in order to suppress a fire. This can be highly dangerous for anybody working in the room and increases the time required to safely replace the servers. Our Novec system is localised to the affected server so can have equipment operational again in no time. Learn more about our physical security and fire suppression system.

Protected connectivity

There’s no use having the servers always on if they’re not always online. We have direct lines to a variety of Internet Service Providers to ensure we’re never unreachable.

Rack options

In order to give you flexibility to install as few or as many servers as you need, we offer quarter, half, and full rack options. 

As standard, getting to the racks requires access onto site (through a 24-hour guarded, barbed-wire gated entrance), through security doors to the correct floor, multiple factor entry systems, visual verification systems, through security doors into CCTV-monitored rooms, and then into the key-secured server racks themselves. All access and movement around the site is escorted by one of our security personnel.

And this is our entry level security option. If you need a higher level of security than this on a shared floor, you can opt for physical racks that are built to withstand power tools and firearm attacks for up to 30 minutes.

Sounds like what you need? Let’s talk. 

Caged Suites

The standard rack option within our facilities is secure enough for most organisations, but some organisations require an extra level of protection without needing a dedicated floor of their own. 

These clients are able to rent caged suites within the already-secure data rooms. The caged suites can include bespoke access control systems as well as things like man traps and multiple-factor verification to stop piggybacking or other forms of unauthorised access. 

Need a caged suite? Let’s talk.


Dedicated Hyper-Secure Colocation Suites

Sometimes, your security requirements necessitate complete isolation from any shared floorspace. These can be bespoke to your particular requirements but always away from shared data floors. This suite option is perfect for those needing cross-server physical connections (through open-sided racks, for example) but still need an ultra-secure level of safety overall.

Some options include, but are not limited to, remote access code controls, surround mesh caging for the room with a variety of materials, entirely sealed suites, and doors rated to maximum Loss Prevention Standards levels – not to mention bespoke ventilation and air conditioning solutions.

Let’s talk.


Managed Colocation Services

Our primary colocation guarantee is 100% uptime – but you’re still required to actually own and manage the server hardware. This is perfect for small to medium enterprises or individuals who want to maintain complete control over their hardware, but it can very quickly become costly when you start to factor in the labour costs of management time for multiple servers, travel costs to site, time to diagnose, and a whole host of other manual tasks.

And this isn’t even accounting for the level of expertise you need to maintain in order to consistently and safely manage your servers. Travel costs are easy to pay for, infrastructure and expertise is much harder to acquire and retain.

For organisations that have outgrown the initial colocation service, we offer Managed Colocation Services so that businesses can rely on undisturbed uptime and focus their efforts instead on developing their organisation. What’s more is that you can still get the benefits of caged suites or dedicated ultra-secure rooms when necessary – without any of the hassles of managing them yourself.

Want the benefits of managed servers? Let’s talk.

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