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Cybercrime and cybersecurity move fast. Keeping your organisation safe from attacks can feel like a game of catch up. This is where CIS comes in. The CIS framework provides security controls designed to mitigate risk and safeguard against threats. 

Is your organisation ready to take control of cybersecurity?


What is CIS & why is it helpful?

In the rapidly-developing online world, keeping on top of threats to cybersecurity can be time-consuming, costly, and ineffective. But no organisation has to do it alone. The Center for Internet Security (CIS) has created the Top 18 Critical Security Controls to help you build and assess your security systems.

The CIS security controls were created to keep up with the ever-evolving world of remote working, and the resulting evolution of cybercrime. The framework offers a way to mitigate risk, responding to changes in security as they come, so you can remain responsive to cybercrime. By following the framework, an organisation is able to monitor and assess the security system in place.

The CIS framework isn’t simply a matter of compliance. Instead, it offers a risk-management approach. The 18 security controls identify and target necessary safeguards, compartmentalising by activities, instead of by devices. This helps create a system that can respond quicker to developing threats, and adapt to future advances in cybersecurity.

The CIS framework isn’t just a checklist to show compliance. Instead, this risk management based approach offers a means to control and report your assurance levels.

How can we help?

The security posture gap analysis offered by us is a safety method based on the CIS Top 18 Controls. We recognise that following these best practices can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your security measures.

Our gap analysis considers and compares your current system against the CIS controls, providing recommendations to reduce the risk of security breaches. Our recommendations follow a four phase structure:


During the discovery phase, Cyberfort gathers information from the environment and the current framework to create an overview of the existing security.


The review phase takes this information and analyses it against the CIS controls, to uncover weaknesses.


From here, the workshop phase presents the findings to you, the business, offering improvement and receiving feedback.


Finally, reporting brings it together, presenting our recommendations, how to implement them, and future areas of improvement.

By following the CIS controls, Cyberfort offers complete methods to safeguard against cybercrime. Our physical security measures can protect against social engineering attacks such as phishing, while penetration testing checks your security system really does perform to standard. And by following these quantifiable measures, you can keep expenditure under control.

Ensure CIS compliance today


CIS gap analysis and compliance offers a complete framework to safeguard your assets. Keeping up with the rapidly-evolving world of cybercrime is difficult and expensive — using our security posture gap analysis simplifies the process and keeps expenditure low. Contact Us to learn more.

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