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Our Quality Policy


The Cyberfort group adopt a customer centric approach. Our goal is to build long lasting, trusting, loyal customer relationships. This is achieved by providing a suite of products and services that fully meet all reasonable customer expectations and by maintaining international standards and accreditations to meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements while investing in our people to ensure we consistently deliver quality and value to our customers.

The quality policy and objectives have been established to ensure they are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the business. The leadership team promotes open communications to provide feedback from staff, contractors and customers which is key to continuously challenge ourselves to improve the Quality Management System and to enhance customers overall satisfaction.

The Cyberfort Group have selected the ISO 9001 international standard to enhance customer satisfaction and consistently provide Products and Services that meet our customer, regulatory and statutory requirements. The quality policy and objectives are reviewed regularly and communicated to all employees and interested parties.

The leadership team are fully committed to the Quality Management System (QMS) to enhance our customers satisfaction. This is achieved by promoting risk-based thinking and a process approach to deliver trust in our Products and Services. The team have ensured staff and contractors are available to achieve the Quality Management Systems intended results and that the importance of the framework is well communicated throughout the organisation and to third parties.

Our core values include one team, transparency, curiosity and ownership. We believe these values are vital in promoting the welfare of our employees which in turn helps us in building trusting relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers for the Products and Services we deliver. In this context, all employees are regularly given the opportunity to partake in our Employee Net Promoter Score (ENPS) Survey so we can identify areas of improvement to continually evolve our Quality Management System.

Customer engagement is of vital importance to the continual improvement of our Quality Management System as it determines how our Products and Services evolve to meet the changing needs of our customers. Through our engagement programmes we are committed to monitor, review and evaluate our performance when delivering Products and Services to determine our customers overall satisfaction.

To achieve the Quality Management Systems desired results, it is the responsibility of all employees of the Company to ensure the quality of their work and for their part in the overall processes used to provide products and services to our customers. Each employee will identify and log any issues relating to the Customer, Process, Products or Services that will have a direct impact on the quality system.

Glen Williams

Chief Executive Officer

(Reviewed 06/02/24)