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What is SIEM?

A security information and event management (SIEM) system uses advanced data and threat intelligence analysis to rapidly assess all activity on an organisation’s system and flag up suspicious events

Why is it important?

Early detection and response to cyber incidents is vital. A SIEM solution gives you greater preparedness and speed when identifying and remedying attacks, whilst ensuring you meet regulatory requirements with log management.  

How can we help you?

Cyberfort offers SIEM solutions that provide you with timely alerts allowing either Cyberfort or your own internal teams to respond to incidents immediately, shutting down aggressor access as soon as a threat is detected. 

Cybergator – Internal and Server Monitoring

Cybergator is automated monitoring of your critical Linux or Windows infrastructure through a simple web portal. We combine tools to apply security best practices like event monitoring and vulnerability management with simple on boarding and a self-service web UI to provide the service you need to demonstrate robust and active security controls. Find out more>

Oversight – Perimeter and Network Monitoring

Our 24/7 monitoring service offers complete coverage of your network perimeter. We proactively detect and notify you of changes and vulnerabilities in your external facing infrastructure as and when they happen, allowing you to take action before someone else does. Contact us >

VSO – Expert people who know Cyber end to end

Our VSO service is a bespoke managed information security service with all the expertise your business needs without the cost of hiring, retaining and training a full-time member of staff. Our VSO service gives you access to a whole host of expertise that covers every aspect of information security to protect your business. Contact us >

Service Desk - Support with ITIL trained experts

Utilising our UK based team of experience Service Analysts, we build tailored services to suit business requirement, no matter how small or complex, from out of hours enterprise service desk performing triage and Level 1 function to fully trained subject matter experts in bespoke applications. Contact Us

What is

Ever wondered what goes on in a hacker’s mind? This guide reveals how they think. And how you can improve your IT environment security.

Other services


In this increasingly interconnected world, security can no longer be an afterthought. Your business, and your customers, deserve strategic security solutions. Find out more >


From managed cloud hosting to colocation services, Cyberfort takes the same approach to cloud as we do with everything else: security first. Find out more>