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The Payment Credit Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was developed to ensure card processing remains secure & safe along the whole chain of payment – from storage to transfer – therefore reducing credit & debit card fraud.

 Depending on the provider, validation of compliance is undertaken at least every year, but frequently every quarter – fraud’s a fast moving world, after all!

 With the experts at Cyberfort, you’re able to get an analysis of your PCI status as well as a full remediation plan to Compliance status.

The Key Steps To PCI DSS Compliance:


The first step is identifying cardholder data and making an inventory of IT assets, data flows, and business processes for payment card processing. This then allows you to assess everything systematically for any vulnerabilities that could lead to a compromise of cardholder data.


Once we’ve got this list of potential vulnerabilities and risks, we’ll assess them and go through to remediate. This means, in short, patching any holes and plugging any leaks!


We’ll then compile a compliance report that aims to give you a clear, prioritised approach to reporting, as well as a mechanism for actually reporting compliance to banks and card schemes.


The final step is to regularly revisit the controls, evidence, and processes on specified dates in line with a compliance schedule. This involved a complete repeat of the process to spot any new vulnerabilities in line with contemporary knowledge of fraud developments. That is, we want to stay a step ahead of fraudsters – and the only way to do so is to be actively vigilant.

Why Cyberfort for PCI DSS Compliance?


We may be a new(ish) name on the block, but the experts we’ve collected under our one Cyberfort roof have over 30 years’ experience delivering international and regional work programmes. Our staff are leaders in their field – with technical and business management expertise – they’re able to provide clear best-practices so that you can accept or process payments securely at any time.

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If you need to ensure you’re PCI DSS compliant, let’s talk.

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