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A successful security system often works quietly to protect your organisation from cyberattacks and social engineering. By complying with international standards, such as NIST and ISO, you show a proactive interest in maintaining security to the highest standards. A lack of compliance might not just expose your vulnerabilities — it can also indicate you aren’t a company to trust.

How can you be sure your organisation is compliant?


What is NIST & why is it helpful?

The NIST is the National Institute of Standards and Technology, a US-based organisation that develops security standards for different industries. NIST standards provide a cybersecurity framework that can be adapted, repeated, and assessed to control security risks. 

Compliance with international security standards is something that many organisations now expect to see in place. NIST compliance doesn’t just show that you can be trusted with data — it proves that an organisation puts effort into building a secure system. NIST compliance emphasises that you recognise the importance of international safety standards, and are willing to put the effort in.

NIST gap analysis exposes the areas where your security system fails to meet standards, and identifies the resources and deficiencies preventing you from reaching those requirements. Having identified the cracks in compliance, it’s then possible to fill these gaps, creating a robust and internationally recognised security system.

Our gap analysis services

Our NIST gap analysis uses experienced consultants to assess, build, and implement appropriate security measures complying with the NIST standard. 

To do this, we begin by comparing your existing security measures against the categories and sub-categories identified in the NIST framework. Having built a comprehensive report, we will work closely with you and your organisation to consider the next steps, and build the appropriate security controls.

Depending on the gaps in your system, an extensive overhaul may be necessary. We provide you with a governance structure that will both align with the NIST framework and support the objectives of your business. We will help ensure you meet the mandatory security roles and industry-specific training, and assist with developing a policy to meet and maintain NIST requirements.

Our experienced consultants can remove the jargon and streamline the process, making managing a complex and compliant security system easier than ever. We also help you develop a system that will continue to offer protection. Alongside our physical testing and penetration testing, you can keep your organisation protected against everything from phishing attacks to cyberterrorists.

The end result of NIST gap analysis is a business that is secured against threats both internal and external. Undergoing gap analysis demonstrates that you are committed to security, and take a proactive approach to preventing security breaches. 


About our NIST gap analysis services

NIST standards aren’t designed to hinder your business. Instead, they keep it safe, secure, and allow it to flourish. 

By undergoing gap analysis with us, you can ensure your security system is hard at work, while also demonstrating to potential partners a proactive interest in cybersecurity. Contact Us to find out more.

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