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Threats to your business aren’t always external. In fact, more often than not, the harm originates inside your network perimeter. 

 From untrained employees who fall victim to scams to disgruntled users with too many administrative rights, any individual who has access to your network has the potential to damage your systems. Our internal testing services, however, offer you a trustworthy line of defence against internal corruption.

What is internal testing?

Internal testing refers to the process by which cybersecurity experts like us simulate a cyberattack on your internal systems, to help identify your weak spots. Aiming to improve your organisation’s network security posture, our internal testing can seek out any gaps in your current security strategy and advise you of how to close them

Internal threats to your organisation

Often hiding in plain sight, the threats to your business can be lurking right under your nose. And yet, not every employer takes the time to subject their internal systems to rigorous penetration testing, despite how serious internal attacks can be. From unsuspecting employees clicking on infected links to the carefully-planned sabotage by malicious operators, internal attacks can do serious damage. 

The threat to your systems can originate from any of the following:

What’s more, if left unaddressed, the risks posed by an internal attack can lead to:

  • Huge reputational damage for your business.
  • Negatively impacted customer relationships.
  • Irreparable damage to your systems.
  • Data breach and/or loss.
  • Regulatory fines due to lack of compliance.

Why is internal testing important?

Internal penetration testing is just as important as external testing. 

According to Verizon’s 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, it has been revealed that 1 in 4 worldwide data breaches were caused by company insiders. With such a high rate, it becomes clear that businesses need to be doing more to protect themselves from their own internal weaknesses.

 If you leave your network security without appropriate configuration, individuals with bad intentions can move through your network undetected, inflicting damage that could prove costly.


Our internal testing services

We can thoroughly assess your network for internal vulnerabilities from the perspective of opportunistic insiders looking to cause damage. 

With this unique cybersecurity insight, you can gain full visibility into the threats posed to your systems at varying levels of severity. From here, we can plug these gaps quickly with long-lasting, effective solutions.

 Our testing process is specifically designed to cause minimal disruption to the operation of your business. As a result, we’ll look to perform these tests remotely via a VPN connection when we can.

 However, if necessary, we can also conduct in-house assessments, arranging these on-premise visitations in advance in order to match your schedule better.
Get in touch with our team of cybersecurity experts to begin testing your internal systems and securing your network today.


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