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What is physical security?

While there’s frequent talk of how businesses need enhanced digital cybersecurity to protect against a rise in cybercrime, this is only part of the story. 

Physical security is as important as ever. Physical security protects vulnerable assets from threats and human vulnerabilities as well as identifying areas of weakness in real-life circumstances. For hackers, it’s often easier and safer to manipulate a human than it is to break into a system.

Why is physical security important?

Physical security is necessary because it employs physical simulations to identify the real gaps in a security system. 

This will reveal often overlooked vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hostile parties, both internal and external. By taking action to plug these gaps, you not only protect your assets but can also improve sales — giving your clients peace of mind.

How we can help you?

Our team of cybersecurity experts can help strengthen your physical security with our unique scoping system. Working with you, we develop scenarios based on potential security risks, before deploying a team of trained specialists with a unique skill set to enact these scenarios. Vulnerabilities identified during scoping are then presented to the business, alongside recommended security measures. With these protections implemented, you can reduce risk by limiting exposure and improving response.

We can identify both physical and cybersecurity risks by running scenarios and monitoring responses. With our Penetration Testing services, you can identify areas of concern in your current security, and see how well it really works.

Invited Assessment

The invited assessment makes up the initial stage of a physical security testing service. It acts as an audit-style review of all your facilities and assets. During this phase, we check all processes, policies, methodologies, and countermeasures already in place, without exposing any issues. 

From this, we can gauge the culture, level of training, and awareness among your employees across your organisation. Key vulnerabilities can be identified without being exposed.

Full Health Check

The bespoke full health check service requires an in-depth scoping workshop that is aligned to your market vertical, specific facilities, and rules of engagement. A mix of methodologies is used in an attempt to engineer a security break via both legitimate and illegitimate methods. 

Doing so can simulate both criminal and state actor methodologies, and identify their potential level of success. The outcome of a full health check is the identification of vulnerabilities to targeted attacks from little or no prior knowledge, and an understanding of workplace culture and levels of security training.

Lite Health Check

The lite health check service can identify weakness against opportunistic criminal elements. Targeting perimeters, reception, and public access areas, the lite health check is designed to uncover the day-to-day vulnerabilities of physical security. We recommend completing a full health check first, and a lite health check every 6 – 12 months.

Remote Exploration

Physical security considers the human element of security risks. Our remote exploration service focuses on the people with an organisation, and the information that can be gained from an external attack vector. 

A number of methodologies are used to perform social engineering tactics, and build a picture of what information can be gathered or requests carried out remotely. Remote exploration can simulate both criminal and state actors methodologies. 

To find out more about how we can reduce the risk of attacks on your physical perimeters, contact us today.

What is Social Engineering?

With attacks like these happening every single day, it is important to understand what to look out for. It’s true. Social Engineering is one of the most prevalent forms of attacks, whether it’s entering a premise without authorisation, getting identification information, or impersonating security to steal information, there’s much more to it than you think.

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