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With each new day comes a new way for cybercriminals to infiltrate corporate networks.

It is hard to overstate the rate at which malicious technology and techniques develop in the hands of hackers. As a result, modern businesses need to constantly be on their toes when it comes to defending their systems.

External network testing is one of the best ways to keep up with the threats posed by modern cybercriminals. So, to avoid a security breach, and to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements, test your external systems today.


The external testing process

It is becoming increasingly vital to assess the strength of your systems against external threats.
Our external testing process identifies any outward-facing weaknesses within your network and provides structured guidance on how to strengthen them.


Our network infrastructure testing services  

We are committed to delivering quick and efficient testing for all our clients, no matter the size or sector of their business.


Why is external testing important?

Without a robust cybersecurity strategy in place, your business-critical networks are left exposed to an intimidating range of external attack methods. Just a few of the weaknesses that allow these external attacks include:

  •  Firewall misconfigurations 
  • Missing or late security updates 
  • Weak or default credentials.

By plugging these gaps and gaining independent verification of your external perimeter, the risk of a cyberattack on your business will be reduced significantly. At the very least, the fortification of these weaknesses will result in a much trickier security system to navigate for cybercriminals. 

 In all the external penetration tests we conduct, at least one vulnerability is found.
In fact, researchers from Rapid7 found that during 80% of external penetration tests, one weakness was found at least! What’s more, in over 33% of their tests, user credentials could be stolen through system weaknesses.

 These weaknesses act as in-ways for hackers to potentially:

  • Steal sensitive information. 
  • Corrupt business-critical infrastructure.
  • Damage your internal systems and more.

If hackers are successful, your company could suffer extreme reputational, technological, and even financial damage on account of post-breach remediation.

Our external testing services 

In order to help you create the best defence strategy possible, we are thorough in our penetration testing services. Just a few things we assess include:


  • All entry points to your network.
  • Devices connected to your network. 
  • Internet-facing assets.
  • Web and mobile applications.
  • Full routes into your system via external networks.
  • Firewalls that may have been improperly misconfigured.
  • How up to date your security updates are.
  • Existing security systems in place.


From here, our team of experts can generate a detailed report enumerating and prioritising the risks your systems face. This will enable you to roll out a targeted improvement strategy across your network infrastructure, strengthening it piece by piece. 

After this is complete, you can enjoy the comfort that comes with the independent verification of your external perimeter. Not only will this bring you peace of mind, but it also gives weight to any reassurance you offer to your customers and stakeholders.

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