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What is ISO 22301 Certification

ISO 22301 is the International Standard for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS), which outlines the way to approach the development of BCPs, DRPs and Crisis Management. It covers every aspect of business continuity from inception to testing and compliments ISO 27001 and BS 1002 because it demonstrates that services will continue no matter what the calamity. 

Why is this important?

Business Continuity Management has become increasingly important over recent weeks and months. But do you have the right plans, and teams in place to respond and recover from a data breach, cyber attack or physical event like a fire, flood or pandemic? ISO 22301 also demonstrates to stakeholders that no matter what happens, you have considered the impacts and have plans in place. 

How we can help you?

Our knowledge and expertise in Business Continuity Management are led by an award-winning BCM Manager and author in Business Continuity Management. We are uniquely positioned to advise on the technical and human aspects of the recovery process; From a deep understanding of Crisis Psychology through to technical recovery measures you need to keep your business and your people operating effectively. 

Achieving ISO 22301 Certification

We provide a strategic, pragmatic and cost effective solution, that can help you build Contingency Plans that will work when you need them most. During the process we will help you prepare the ISO 22301 documentation and records, train your Crisis Management TEAM (CMT) and provide training and awareness across your business, develop a structured approach to your CMT, help you conduct the Business Impact Assessment (BIA) and Risk Assessment and more.  Contact us >

I already have a BC Plan in place, why would I need ISO 22301?

Many businesses already have a business continuity plan in place, however these can often be untested and quickly go out of date as circumstances change. When BCM is aligned with the International Standards ISO 22301, you can be confident that your BC plan remains up to date and becomes part of your culture. It can help you continually mitigate risks. Other benefits include reducing operational disruption and overall impact to the company, protect your income stream and reduce the risk of further losses, provide evidence that your business complies with certain regulatory requirements, improve customer confidence in the businesses ability to respond to a series of incidents and maintain operations and help protect and enhance your business reputation. Contact us >

Setting Standards. We were joined by the BSI Group to discuss the importance of ISO standards including ISO 22301 and how they can benefit your business.  

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