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Performing rigorous vulnerability scans across internal and external network devices, servers, software, databases, and other assets in both on-premise and in your cloud environments, our scanning services will leave no stone unturned. 

Our vulnerability management services can provide a tailored solution to all your software weaknesses by identifying, evaluating, and then treating the security vulnerabilities in your systems.

Our vulnerability management services 

Here at Cyberfort, it is our priority to deliver effective cybersecurity solutions to businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. However, we understand that every customer has a different requirement along with a different budget. 

So, we got to work creating two unique solutions to meet customer needs regardless of budget. Choose from our bespoke vulnerability management packages below to find the solution that best complements your organisation’s goals.


Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS)

If you’re an organisation looking to self-manage your threat protection, we’d recommend our vulnerability scanning service. This service gives you control over your own threat protection plan, from setting up reports and dashboards, to self-managing vulnerabilities and tracking your efforts. 

That being said, our experts are always only ever a phone call or an email away should you need advice.

Our non-intrusive agents will be deployed onto endpoints and servers, while our scanners will be deployed to monitor network devices. VSS will be delivered to you in the following four steps:

  1. Identifying vulnerabilities
  2. Evaluating vulnerabilities
  3. Treating vulnerabilities
  4. Reporting vulnerabilities

Our VSS platform auto-evaluates the vulnerabilities and organises the recommendations to treat them, using more than just the standard Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS).

Our VSS will provide you with:

  • Critical and high vulnerability notifications within 48 hours of being publicly disclosed.
  • The setup of one customised dashboard. (Note: after one is set up, the rest are chargeable).
  • The setup of two reports.
  • One hands-on training session to enable your teams to create their own dashboards and reports (Note: after one training session is delivered, more can be booked in but are chargeable).
  • Ad-hoc scanning requests (Chargeable).
  • Platform availability 24/7/365 including maintenance windows.
  • Scalable/consistent services to manage risk and information security.
Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

If you require more guidance, our second offering, the vulnerability management service, is for you. With this package, we are able to manage everything from start to finish when it comes to threat detection and remediation. 

Starting with the initial scan and ending with the successful eradication of cyber threats (as accepted by you), this approach provides you with a structured approach to help effectively address the vulnerabilities in your systems.

Like our VSS, our VMS will be delivered to you in the same four steps as before. However, the services you will receive differ slightly. With the VMS system, you can enjoy:

  • Critical and high vulnerability notification within 24 hours of being publicly disclosed.
  • 10 free customised dashboards. 
  • Scheduled reports on a bi-monthly or monthly basis. These reports will have been enriched with further contextualisation and analysis by our team of experts.
  • One hands-on training session per quarter to enable your teams to create their own dashboards and reports. (Note: further training sessions are chargeable.
  • Four free ad-hoc scanning requests per quarter.
  • VMS experts available during business hours.
  • Platform availability 24/7/365 including maintenance windows.
  • Scalable/consistent to manage risk and information security.


Why do you need vulnerability management?

Outsourcing vulnerability management to a professional cybersecurity expert like Cyberfort makes sense for a number of reasons. 

If you’re a small business, having a professional cybersecurity team on your side can massively help reduce the strain on your internal teams. Chances are, they are already doing several jobs at once. If you’re a large business, on the other hand, the sheer scale of the threat management task at hand may seem daunting. 

Either way, vulnerability management identifies and removes threats to your company, often without you even realising there was an issue.

Having professionally managed threat detection also helps reduce remediation time frames through prioritisation, freeing up your time to focus on other important areas of your business. 

Lastly, the beauty of hiring a team to identify potential threats to your business is the ability to prevent those threats from developing. As a result, your business is repeatedly saved from reputational or even financial damage as a result of breaches that would have otherwise gone uncontrolled.

Scheduled scans & reports

Our team can set up scheduled scans that run at a frequency of your choosing. The results of these scans can be distributed to named individuals specified by you in the form of detailed reports. 


Within each report, we can offer remediation advice that recommends the steps required to resolve each vulnerability. What’s more, each report is enriched with prioritisation advice so you’ll always have an idea of what to tackle first and why.

Live dashboards

In order to help your management teams visualise a threat management plan, we will provide you with a number of live dashboards. With these handy tools on your side, both your management teams and technical teams can constantly access the real-time view on vulnerabilities and remediation efforts, so everyone is in the know.

Remediation Tracking

Our team of vulnerability managers can track all the vulnerabilities discovered on your estate from start to finish. Becoming somewhat an extension of your own team, we can work with your internal teams to track every vulnerability from identification to closure

Regulatory Compliance

Nowadays, there are plenty of regulatory requirements for cybersecurity, and our experts can help you keep on top of them. Our vulnerability management service will help you comply with data protection mandates in different regulations such as the GDPR and PCI DSS.

Cyber Hygiene

Vulnerability scanning is commonly utilised by attackers to identify weak targets. Our service will help you to stay on top of cyber hygiene and avoid giving attackers an easy way into your organisation.

Other services


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