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The European General Data Protection Regulation – originally published in 2016 – and its successor, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 were introduced to standardise protection of users’ personal data across all companies operating in Europe.

Our GDPR & DPA ‘Health Check’ is like an MOT for your car – our experts get under your business’ bonnet for a thorough inspection of all the belts and bearings. It’s a great way to regularly test and display how compliant your organisation really is.

But we don’t just give you a score, we’ll give you clear, practical advice and guidance on your current status as well as any pointers for remediation.


What does our GDPR Health Check Include?

Like most health checks, there’s quite a clear list of procedures for checks, reviews, and discussions:

  • Presentation on GDPR “What is GDPR”
  • Q&A session with your team
  • Review of data processing in relation to the 6 GDPR Principles
  • Review of Privacy and Fair Processing Notices
  • Review of Data Protection and related policies
  • Review Staff training and awareness
  • Review of ’Subject Access Request processes
  • Review of Incident Response & Breach reporting


As any compliance & security development is a collaborative process, there will be opportunities to answer any questions related to GDPR as well as any steps you need to take to be GDPR compliant.

The results are then put neatly into a report that acts both as an action plan for remediation and as evidence that you’re doing all the right things to remain compliant.

Why is GDPR/DPA compliance important

How frequently would you deposit money into a bank that was regularly robbed?

Our role, and the role of GDPR & Data Protection Act compliance, is to make sure & prove that the bank is never robbed. We ensure that you have the appropriate strategies, policies, processes, competencies, and solutions in place to identify & protect critical information and data assets.

Displaying GDPR compliance is a clear marker that you take security, regulation, and your user’s personal data (or that of your business partners) seriously. It’s a clear marker that you can be trusted.


How do we help?

In order to ensure that your data’s protected – and to then be able to display compliance, we help you first build a clear map of what exactly your data is and where it’s all located.

Once you’ve got a full picture, we can then equip you with robust risk management processes. We’ll fully assess the security risks your organisation’s data is exposed to, then ensure that the appropriate security controls are put in place to keep it protected.

All this goes towards inspiring customer confidence, strengthening supply chain management, protecting marketability & branding, and ensuring compliance to legal & regulatory obligations.


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