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Cyberfort’s cyber and cloud expertise and passion for delivering great service will enable us to not only grow significantly but also to provide customers with the end-to-end solutions that meet and exceed their needs.”

Glen Williams, Cyberfort CEO

Excellence starts from the Source

Data infrastructure and compliance processes are the fundamental building blocks of modern business. Yet, so many organisations rely on outdated, uncertain infrastructure – or rely on having to react to regulatory changes with their compliance procedures. We’re not content to rest on shoddy laurels, to rely on foundations that could crack at any moment, or to do anything in half measures.

Excellence starts from the source, and we’re proud to be the source that many leading organisations trust.

Data Hosting Services

The Bunker is our ultra-secure colocation and cloud hosting data centre. Our Data Centres are based in former Military nuclear bunkers with enough protection to literally withstand an army – but we’ve upgraded it to also be able to withstand the army of cybercriminals. 

Read more about The Bunker’s Colocation capabilities here or otherwise, for Cloud Hosting, head here.


Our home-grown group of experts, also known as Arcturus, cover all the nitty gritty aspects of Cybersecurity. They’re able to have you covered for everything from Penetration Testing your applications to providing 24/7 Managed Detection & Response services.

See everything they offer here


In the modern world, failing to stay on top of regulation and compliance is an oversight that’s potentially fatal to businesses and all organisations that rely on fast, ultra-secure access to their data and systems.

Our experts offer an authoritative third-party analysis of how safe your systems are, or can help you build security management systems. This demonstrates commitment and trust to reassure customers, shareholders, and stakeholders while planning effectively for future change.

A Human Voice in a Robotic World

We pride ourselves on our service level. Our central service desk allows you to have a simple point of contact for any of your needs. The team helps you get answers to the questions on your mind, or refer you to specific experts for more comprehensive answers and details.

Need a custom built caged room for your servers? No problem. Need auditing of your thousands of devices and processes? Just a mo! Need to talk to someone about saving money and building a more secure business? You got it!

We may be a Cyberfort, but we’re actually people-powered.


We’re proud of the extensive list of industry and government accreditations we hold. We understand the need for independent validation when entrusting the security of valuable or sensitive data to a third party.

Cyberfort is a people-led business; always looking to provide you with pragmatic solutions, and always striving to be a great place to work.

  • 160+Employees

  • 2 Sites in Kent and Newbury

What our clients say

‘Having Cyberfort as our compliance partner is a major asset. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone’
Charlotte Akpinar
Practice and compliance manager, Bell and Buxton Solicitors.

‘Working with Cyberfort means we can deploy one of the most resilient services in our market’
Christian Antrobus
CTO FML, Bottomline Technologies.