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If you’ve developed a new product to be used by your customers, you’ll need to guarantee that it can keep their data safe and secure. However, if you haven’t had this product (or service) independently assessed by a cybersecurity expert like us, you run the risk of letting security weaknesses go undiscovered. 


What is product assessment?

Product assessment refers to the process by which cybersecurity experts (like us) simulate a cyberattack on your products to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses. 

In a typical product assessment, qualified professionals mimic the assaults of hackers or malicious agents to try and infiltrate your systems in order to interfere with your product and its functionality. 

After the attempted infiltration process, a map of your product’s weak spots can be assembled. From here, a targeted, laser-beam improvement strategy can be carried out much more efficiently than otherwise. 

Outsourcing this process to the experts also allows you to gain access to bespoke guidance on how you can improve your current systems. Once your portfolio is analysed, we can work alongside you to eventually produce a watertight product that hackers are highly unlikely to be able to tamper with. 

What can product and service testing do for your business?

Product testing has multiple benefits for organisations in all sectors and of all sizes, and we’ve listed just a few of them below:

Product development time is reduced

Instead of working backwards and fixing problems after they have developed, product testing allows you to identify issues while they are still in the works. This way, you won’t have to fork out for someone to come and fix vulnerabilities that are already built-in.

Your company’s reputation is protected

Rolling out a faulty product is never good, especially when that product compromises the data of its users. By having the experts simulate an attack on your product or service in order to anticipate the efforts of cybercriminals, you’ll be much better able to keep your customer’s sensitive, private information safe. 


As a result, your company can continue to enjoy a trustworthy, credible reputation that handles data well and with caution. 

Gain a competitive advantage

If you let the experts test your product or service, you are free to use their independent judgement as a way to vouch for yourselves. It’s a well-known fact that third-party validation stands companies in good stead as the public can trust the experts to guide them. 

So, ensuring your products have received thorough penetration testing when your competitors might not have, is another surefire way to build your stakeholders’ and customers’ trust in your brand. 

Ensure regulatory compliance

To further build brand trust, you will need to prove your product conforms to the standards set out by things such as GDPR, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS. Our penetration testing services can help you verify that conformity. 

More about our product assessment services

We are proud to deliver thorough and efficient penetration tests of products.

When do your products need to be tested?

As a general rule of thumb, the earlier in a product lifecycle you introduce independent security testing the better. 

If you are about to develop a new product, that would be the perfect time to review your processes. Unfortunately, however, we’ve too often seen security testing added in as a final precaution very close to product release, causing major delays. During early milestones is the perfect time to test – avoiding any last-minute nasty surprises.

When will your product testing results be in?

We might be the cybersecurity experts, but you’re the expert on how your business works. So, we’ll largely tailor our work to your goals and operations. 

We can be on-site and work with your team, but can also work remotely. Generally speaking, however, the more complex and the greater the scale of your product, the longer it will take for our results to be presented to you. 

To get your product independently assessed by industry-leading experts, get in touch today.

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