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Combining cutting-edge technology, ultra-secure military-grade locations, and world class expertise to create a full-stack cybersecurity capability that is second to none, Cyberfort is making the world safer —  one organisation at a time.

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From ultra-secure cloud and colocation services, MDR (Managed Detection and Response) to full-stack cybersecurity; Cyberfort has a breadth of expertise and experience to support organisations, big or small, with any element of their cybersecurity infrastructure.

We offer cutting-edge technology, ultra-secure military-grade locations, and world class consultancy expertise to create a full-stack cybersecurity capability that is second to none.

Cyberfort is proud to be accredited by the National Cyber Security Centre to provide Cyber Security Consultancy.



Stay one step ahead

Compliance isn’t just about regulatory box-ticking – though our compliance services certainly will tick the boxes of regulators. Taking compliance seriously is fundamentally about providing assurance to your customers, your staff, your stakeholders, and your shareholders that you mean business when it comes to security.

As many government and private contracts require specific accreditations, taking compliance seriously will also open up a whole field of possible business for your organisation.


Industry knowledge

The more we rely on digital processes, the more devastating a single security flaw can become when exploited by cybercriminals, state-sponsored actors, and hacktivists.

We employ industry-leading professionals to perform a number of cybersecurity services; from Penetration Testing, to Operational Threat Intelligence, to full-fledged Managed Detection & Response – all in order to keep your organisation safe from all possible threats.

Cloud & Colocation

Stay at the forefront

Our ultra-secure data centres are in a former MOD nuclear bunker. They’re state-of-the-art when it comes to physical server security: buried 30 metres below ground, protected by 24-hour monitored barbed-wire fences, sealed with 10-tonne blast doors, and secured with a plethora of security measures to even get to the right server room.

If you need your servers to be impenetrable, you can trust us for colocation. And with our ISP connectivity, you can rely on our cloud services to keep your data accessible.

Our sustainability plan

At Cyberfort, we know we must be accountable for how we do business, lead by example and do what’s right.

That’s why we have developed our Sustainability Plan, which clearly sets out our goals to be a sustainable, trusted, and progressive business and reiterates the goals and behaviours that are central to our culture.

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We strive for excellence in everything we do through sharing the knowledge and resources of each individual expert throughout the group. And don’t just take our word for it, we’re accredited by various respected authorities and trusted by a number of high-profile clients to keep them and their data safe.

with ai

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of businesses breached

Did you know that over a third of UK businesses identified a cybersecurity breach or attack against their networks in the last 12 months?


reduced productivity

Firms on the receiving end of cyber attacks found that their employees are often prevented from carrying out their workloads, negatively impacting business health and productivity.


are phishing attacks

A huge proportion of cybersecurity breaches come from phishing. Social engineering tactics and the ubiquity of cloud have made phishing a prolific cyber threat.


have adapted data protection

Only a handful of businesses have effectively changed their cybersecurity testing policies or processes as a result of GDPR — and the reality is that many of these changes don’t go far enough.

Transforming your business

Levelling up your business to compete with the ever-changing methods of cybercriminals is a necessity. But it’s not just a case of moving data to the cloud.

True levelling up is implementing technology that will help your business continually adapt and evolve; it’s reviewing and strengthening your data storage and transfer processes; it’s partnering with Cyberfort.

What our clients say

‘Our strong partnership with Cyberfort allows us to develop new products without worrying about cyber attacks.’
Leanne Bonner-Cooke MBE
CEO, Evolve

Latest Knowledge

Our in-house cyber consulting team have authored a wide range of materials to help you understand everything from incident planning to threat intelligence over the years. To keep up with all the latest data handling and cybersecurity trends, head over to our resources page.

Welcome to CyberFort, your trusted cybersecurity and compliance consultancy in the UK. We specialise in guiding businesses through the complex landscape of cyber risks and regulatory obligations. Our tailored services include risk assessment, security design, compliance audits, incident response, staff training, and regulatory guidance. Count on us to fortify your data protection and ensure legal compliance, safeguarding your business from potential threats.